Whiteman Air Force Base Near Windsor Missouri

Just the other day I stood on the back dock of Orchids and eBay in dowtown Windsor Missouri and I watched the B-2 Stealth Bomber fly low and slow overhead, making its way back to Whiteman Air Force Base.

When you visit you may get to see it too, as the impressive sight happens more often than you might think. Whiteman is the home of the 509th Bomb Wing, which operates and maintains the Air Force's B-2 bomber.

A modern facility, Whiteman has expanded on-base housing and will soon be home to all branches of the U.S. military. As military retirees my wife and I enjoy the military presence. Suffice it to say that Whiteman's impact on Windsor is small but important. Many times one worries that their community will turn into a hotspot for off-duty servicemembers, but that is not the case at all. Professionalism by the military and the makeup of Windsor facilitates a great relationship free of such worries.

Rentals in Windsor are available, giving families the benefit of living in a warm friendly civilian community and 20 minute drive to the base. Windsor Elementary School is bordered by Main Street, Washington Street and Olive Street, and our high school is on WW which is only a short drive from downtown Windsor.

I was stationed at the Marine Corps Air Station in Cherry Point North Carolina, and the Air Station in Yuma Arizona, so I was concerned about noise from a nearby Air Force base. Believe me it is not a problem here in Windsor, and one rarely hears aircraft flying overhead.

Whiteman Air Force base is an asset to the community and we respect the active duty men and women to serve this country. Please stop in at Orchids and eBay, 108 South Main Street. My wife served 20 years in the Army and I served 25 years in the Marine Corps, and we would like to meet you.

visit Windsor Missouri, located on U.S. Highway 52 in western Missouri, only 90 minutes south of Kansas City and four hours from Saint. Louis.  Driving time to Branson from Windsor is approximately 2 hours