Watermelons and the Windsor Missouri Amish plant auction

We have a plant auction here in Windsor Missouri every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during the late spring and summer. The Amish operate the auction.

In reality the auction is a three-county (tri-county) consignment and auction. As the season progresses and crops are harvested visitors will see everything from bakery goods (pies, bread, cookies and cinnamon rolls) to trees.

Local farmers consign a variety of items from fresh fruits and vegetables and fresh churned butter to live plants. The inventory is subject to change, of course.

Located on WW just outside of Windsor, past the High School, the facility is on the left if you are coming from Windsor. Visitors from Knob Noster, Warrensburg, and Whiteman Air Force Base will see the facility on the right as they approach Windsor.

It is the first week of June as I write this, and fresh tomatoes are in abundance but the watermelons are not available yet. (For years - ever since Dan Quayle was Vice President - I prefer to spell check 'tomato')

The reason I mention watermelons is because of a trip my wife, her mom, and and some friends took to the auction. Hanging baskets of plants and flats of plants were purchased and loaded in the mini-van. Then someone who should remain nameless decided to buy a few watermelons.

Watermelon containment is a class that should be taught in summer school. They already teach it in college. It is called basic engineering. Given the weight and size of watermelons, it is not a good idea to put them on a seat, totally unrestrained.

A watermelon is as tall as a flat of bedding plants, and weighs more. Attempting to block a watermelon with a flat of plants may or may not work, depending upon how fast you are going when you put on the brakes.

I recommend a visit to the auction in Windsor Missouri. It is fun, unique, and a great value.

visit Windsor Missouri, located on U.S. Highway 52 in western Missouri, only 90 minutes south of Kansas City and four hours from Saint. Louis.  Driving time to Branson from Windsor is approximately 2 hours