Overview of technology in Windsor Missouri

Windsor is served by many cell phone providers, primary DSL service is maintained by Embarq (formerly Sprint), and wireless service is available.

Our area is serviced by DirecTV and Dish Network, and local channels are from Kansas City. It is interesting to note that four counties come together near Windsor Missouri, so if you do not live in town your locals may be different. For instance Warsaw Missouri, in Benton County, is mandated to have local channels from Springfield Missouri even though Warsaw is only 37 miles south.

Most wireless providers offer equipment that is cell phone and WiFi based. Cards such as those made by Sierra Wireless can switch between both, and businesses in downtown Windsor offer free wireless hotspot connections. One such business is Orchids and eBay, 108 S. Main Street.

Free hotspot access is provided for 2.4GHz and, in some cases, the quiter and less crowded 5GHz range.

Truck drivers can connect to the Internet, send and receive email, and use VoIP (Internet telephones) to talk to friends and family while travelling on U.S. Highway 52. The highway is also called Main Street inside the city limits of Windsor Missouri. In fact you can do everything with a free WiFi hotspot Internet connection in Windsor Missouri that you can do at Flying J, Pilot, and TA truckstops, and you can do it for free in Windsor.

visit Windsor Missouri, located on U.S. Highway 52 in western Missouri, only 90 minutes south of Kansas City and four hours from Saint. Louis.  Driving time to Branson from Windsor is approximately 2 hours