News from elsewhere (thank goodness)

Sometimes people do things that cannot be ignored even though they should be. It should be noted that none of these news reports come from Windsor - a fact that I state happily. Call them funny, quirkies, hilarious, or ... well, call them what you want.

Man cleaning loaded shotgun accidentally shoots off toe
A 28-year-old Kansas City man shot off his toe early Sunday while cleaning a shotgun he forgot was loaded.

The mishap occurred about 1:45 a.m. at the man’s home in the 5600 block of Virginia Avenue. The man’s girlfriend drove him to a hospital. He suffered non-life threatening injuries, but “completely shot off one of his toes,” according to a police report.

Police recovered the shotgun from the man’s front porch.

Salina man survives shooting himself in the head
A 36-year-old Salina Kansas man survived shooting himself in the head after pulling the trigger of a gun he thought was empty.

Shannon D. Austin avoided serious injury when the .22-caliber revolver discharged a bullet above one of his eyes Sunday morning, said Salina Police Deputy Chief Carson Mansfield.

The shooting occurred when Austin's neighbor, Michael Urich, stopped by to tell him he had been in a fight at a local bar, police said. Austin fired the revolver — which he thought did not contain any bullets — several times in the air in a show of support for Urich.

Urich told Austin to stop, but Austin then turned the gun toward his head and pulled the trigger.

The bullet hit Austin's skull above an eye, but didn't penetrate the bone.

Austin was treated at a local hospital, where police ticketed him for shooting a firearm within city limits.

Sari Motel
An Indian man who came to the United States decided to buy and refurbish a motel. Proud of his Indian heritage the motel was named the Sari (pronounced "sorry") motel.

His son, an American educated business and marketing executive, convinced his father to change the name of the motel

Man shoots eye out while hiding from police
A young father was angered during a visit to his ex-wife's home and caused such a disturbance she threatened to call the police. The young man's anger escalated after the threat, he but left when police were called.

The estranged wife gave the police the address of her ex-husband which was a trailer park only two blocks away. Upon hearing the sirens the young man, gun in hand, tried to crawl under his mobile home to hide from police. The weapon discharged and the man shot himself in the eye.

Except for the loss of an eye the man will recover with no other serious injuries.

More Don Imus
Don Imus, who was fired from his job last year for his comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team, was discussing NFL player Adam (Pacman) Jones yesterday. When he was told that the Dallas defensive back had been arrested six times since being drafted in 2005, Imus asked "what color is he?'

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