Honky Tonk music and orchids

A while ago I told Catfish that we listen to Willie's Place all day long in Windsor Missouri. As a result Nancy's orchid collection is doing real well, and I thought it was because orchids like Honky Tonk music.

Catfish said that was a proven fact, and said it is the twang that orchids enjoy. We just grow orchids for fun, and enjoy Willie's Place. But before Catfish and I get ourselves in trouble with Nancy I thought we should let Elizabeth decide.

Click here for the Elizabeth Collection in a slideshow. May it bring memories of summer during the impending winter, a smile to your face, and a big "Thank you for being there" from us to you.

Preview of the collection:

visit Windsor Missouri, located on U.S. Highway 52 in western Missouri, only 90 minutes south of Kansas City and four hours from Saint. Louis.  Driving time to Branson from Windsor is approximately 2 hours